Title: Vase de Noces

Also known as:
Svinet (Swedish DVD release)
One Man and His Pig
The Pig Fucking Movie
Wedding Trough

Year: 1974

Genre: Art House / Avant-Garde / Romance

Language: None

Runtime: 81 min

Director: Thierry Zéno

Writer: Dominique Garny (screenplay) & Thierry Zéno (writer)

IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0072355/

A man who's completely alone on a farm falls in love with a sow. When the pig has their piglets, he can't stand the fact that they prefer the mother over him and extreme measures are taken to rid the problem.

Our thoughts:

I watched this movie a few years back, and to be honest, only two scenes stuck with me. The opening scene where he puts doll heads over the heads of birds, and of course the scene where he has sex with the pig. When I started this site, I always remembered this flick and knew I had to review it, because it's simply perfect for a site like this. Artistic, bizarre, and just generally strange.

Like I said, the movie starts out with the farmer putting doll heads over the heads of birds to the sound of church choir music, which makes the entire scene almost creepy. We're then introduced to his lover... the sow. It's not hard to understand why just seeing a big is a bizarre thing in a film that also goes under the name "The Pig Fucking Movie". The man eventually has sex with the pig and piglets are born. When he notices that the mother is getting more attention from the piglets than he does, he hangs the cute little piglets.

Unlike the first time I reviewed this film, I have now seen a good quality version of it where I can see several details that were entirely lost in the old one. Like how I never saw what he was collecting in his jars before, but now I see that it's just random stuff that'll decompose (except towards the end when he puts the dead piglets into jars. Pretty freaky actually). It's obvious that the film is made for a greater purpose than just to shock, and it's more avant-garde than anything, but it's hard to say exactly what the meaning is. Some films just has a whole sense of being of greater importance, but you have no idea what it is. Much like life in some ways, eh? Some people apparently believe that it's a "last man on earth" metaphor and I would say there is some logic to that, but then again it might just be a movie about loving your pig. I just know I saw something other than that in it. It's an interesting film but it gets boring between the odd scenes. This is depending on your mood of course, and if you're used to art films, you've probably even seen good films that have plenty of slow moments. Between the scenes that I consider "boring", we just watch animals on the farm (turkeys, ducks, pigs) and the man running around doing different stuff. I would say that almost 40% of the film is just that, but again I want to point out that this isn't your ordinary film and a certain artistic film interest needs to be present. I guess I would've personally enjoyed it all more if the film had perhaps been edited down a bit, maybe shortened down a few scenes here and there.

The movie is famous for being sick and disgusting and obviously there are unpleasant scenes in it, like animal cruelty, but not to that extent that it'll shock someone with the slightest interest. For me, the most disturbing scenes were the ones where we see the hanged piglets and when he puts them in jars, because they were so cute and harmless and it was done in a very brutal way. We also have a turkey getting it's head cut off at the beginning of the movie, and the man puts it in a cage so the headless body runs around. The pig fucking isn't as bad as it should've been to really upset people, but maybe this has something to do with the fact that love is part of the movie. It's done tasteful while still being a horrific act. Because of angles, we never get to see any penetration, so it's not a big surprise that the act is faked (thank god for that). The angles they chose were clever for faking such a thing, And to those who still believe it's real; why didn't the pig react to it at all. The movie also has shit eating, which isn't fun to watch, and this is one of the scenes that really became more effective watching it in better quality.

Overall, it's an interesting film at times, and boring as hell at other times. It's a strange movie and watching this with bad quality gave it a dirtier feeling, but I still recommend getting it on DVD (even though I'm a little against a DVD being released of this. It feels like a movie that should be kept as a bootleg, or possibly VHS). After watching this a couple of times through the years, every time with bad quality, it felt good to finally see what was going on. I'm sure this film upset alot of people back in the 70's, but I didn't feel much at all from watching it. Don't expect it to be do you any harm and you might enjoy it. This is a movie that you only recommend to that 1% of the people you know who wouldn't shoot you for it, and I think you guys are part of that percent.

Positive things:
- Cute piglets!
- The music.
- Cinematography was pretty nice.
- You could feel the loneliness.
- The doll head scene is messed up.
Negative things:
- Dead piglets.
- Very boring between the few interesting shots.
- Not as sick now as it probably was in the 70's.
- I believe there is a meaning to this film, but I didn't get it.

Gore: 0.5/5
Nudity: 1/5
Story: 2.5/5
Effects: 0.5/5
Comedy: 0/5

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