Title: Vegetarierinnen Zur Fleischeslust Gezwungen

Also known as:

Year: 2000

Genre: Horror / Porn

Language: German

Runtime: 114 min

Director: Andreas Bethmann

Writer: Andreas Bethmann

IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0374313/

A faceless killer keeps a woman chained up in his basement and forces her to watch a film of his past exploits and former victims.

Our thoughts:
I'm fairly pessimistic when it comes to Bethmann movies and "Vegetarierinnen" helped to justify that attitude. While I certainly wasn't expecting a whole lot after the disappointment that was "Angel of Death" followed by the completely boring "Exitus Interruptus" I thought maybe "Vegetarierinnen" could be good given its sexually violent plotline. Even though I may not like Bethmann's work as a horror and exploitation director, the man knows his way around a sex scene. Probably because of his past proffesion as a porno director. I can't say I was too surprised though when "Vegetarierinnen" turned into a big flop.

A very simple a straight forward movie about an unseen psycho who makes a woman that he has chained up in a room watch home movies from his past exploits. It sounds exciting and it had plenty of room to be a very aggressive and a psycho-sexual movie. Instead it turns into being just another porno with a "forced sex" fetish element to it. All of the scenes of his past victims are exactly the same: woman masturbates, killer comes in with a gun, forces the girl to give a blow job, then forced into sex, money shot, and then finally an off screen death scene. That's it for the entire runtime. Oh sure there are the moments in between where the killer psychologically tortures his victim, which are actually done very well and even a bit creepy. (Why the killer speaks backwards, I don't know.) Which hurts the movie because these moments are done well enough that it makes you want more scenes like these. It almost seems like it's an actual horror movie, rather than a hardcore sex scene compilation. Which is all that "Vegetarierinnen" is; a porno-comp.

Even though I wasn't expecting anything special with "Vegetarierinnen" it still ended qualifying as one of those, 'could have been' titles. It showed promise with the insert shots of the "plot" aspect of the movie, but the boring and redundant sex scenes that took up the majority of the movie leaves me to recommend this only to the fetish fans. If you're looking for a good trashy-explotive horror-porno, you're better off going old school with something like "Forced Entry".

Positive things:
- The stuff in between the sex scenes was good.
- While there wasn't any reason for it, the killer speaking backwards made things interesting.
Negative things:
- Not shocking or nasty or any other adjective used in the advertisement of the movie.
- Boring and redundant sex scenes.
- Overall it's rather pointless.

Gore: 0/5
Nudity: 5/5
Story: 1/5
Effects: 0/5
Comedy: 0/5

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