Title: Video Geisteskrank

Also known as:

Year: 2008

Genre: Short / Horror / Experimental

Language: N/A

Runtime: 21 min / 19 min (Re-cut)

Director: Ronny Carlsson

Writer: Ronny Carlsson


A young man watches a set of snuff themed horror movies, to see if they are as shocking as everyone says. The barrage of violence, murder, and gore has a negative affect on the young man, as he creates a list of his own violent and sickening acts that he wants to fulfill.

Our thoughts:
"You can't review a movie made by Ronny, that's a conflict of interest!"

Well first of all, mind your own damn business, I'll review what I want to review on Film Bizarro. Secondly, I understand where people may see a problem with me reviewing a film made by my website partner, but the truth is that I've been watching Ronny's films before I knew him and long before we started the site. I became a fan of his work after seeing his fake trailer "Red Freak Bizarre", and the absurd holiday themed comedy-horror short "Christmas Holocaust". So it was a treat to be one of the few people to have seen his latest movie, "Video Geisteskrank", a movie that was made to be apart of the fan submissions for the "August Underground" box set, which is why those movies happen to be directly related to the plot.

Now, while it was sent in as a fan submission, "Video Geisteskrank" is more than just a love letter to "August Underground". The movies do tie into our character's motivation, but "Video Geisteskrank" stands on its own as an interesting blend of different genres and is a change of pace from Ronny's usual style of silly-horror. The comedy is still there, but in a more subtle fashion from having a sped-up POV shot from our killer's angle (Did I mention that Ronny is also playing the part of the killer?) that almost seems like he's skipping home, while some very strange upbeat music is used for the soundtrack. Once the character watches the "August Underground" films, not only does his demeanor change but so does the movie. Feeling inspired by the pseudo-snuff series, he creates a list of things he wants to accomplish; kill a hitcher, puke on two innocent girls, and torture a young girl. A nightmare sequence soon follows, where the character is christened by Maggot (A tribute to the Michael T. Schneider character, but played by Kim Mattsson here) to go about these evil tasks and is given a pig mask for his efforts. After the nightmare is over, we watch the character go through his list and accomplish each task, all the while becoming more deranged and being haunted by more nightmares.

When it comes to the horror and shock parts of the movie, we unfortunately don't get to see two innocent girls getting puked on, or the hitcher being killed. Yes, bummer I know. There is, however, a fair amount of nastiness that comes from him torturing his young female victim. She's beat, forced to swallow a condom filled with razor blades, gagged with a urine soaked rag, fingernails ripped out, tongue cut off, and finally has nails hammered into her skull. Between the scenes of torture and violence, we are hit with a variety of nightmare sequences that take on a surrealistic quality. Most of "Video Geisteskrank" is a dark black and white movie that takes its time with each scene, while the nightmares are fast, loud, and have vibrant high-contrast colors. Which not only fits in with creating the sense of being a nightmare, but also because of how contrasts the rest of the movie. It's almost like a smack in the face to the viewer because of how quick and fast they show up. The thing that I really liked about the movie is how it plays parallel to the character and how he changes. It starts out upbeat, and becomes progressively darker and more chaotic, in correlation to how the character changes while going down this path of violence and murder. Even though the movie has become serious and is getting darker, Ronny adds another unusual element to the movie that adds a bit of tongue-in-cheek humor to the serious scenes, and those are title cards for dialogue. Obviously influenced by the silent films from yesteryear, instead of having spoken dialogue in the movie, the old fashion title cards are used and even come with the classic camera jitters.

Overall I was really impressed with "Video Geisteskrank", while not perfect, it showed Ronny's progression as a filmmaker and him being able to pull off some different styles that are very different compared to his earlier stuff. And as I mentioned before, while the movie is a homage to the "August Underground" films, it stands well on its own and isn't just merely an imitation film, like others. "Video Geisteskrank" manages to nicely blend together horror and experimental-surrealism, with a bit of comedy, and doesn't rely heavily on one particular style. I'd say it's worth checking out.

Positive things:
- Both Ronny and Amelie do well enough acting wise, for two non-actors.
- An interesting blend of comedy, horror, shock, and experimental-surrealism.
- The movie starts off in tongue-in-cheek comedic fashion with absurdly upbeat music, and as the story progresses, it becomes serious and darker along with the music.
- Felt like a jab to people who criticize horror movies and accuse them of being influential to people's violent behavior.
- Great ending.
Negative things:
- Don't get to see the scene of two innocent girls getting puked on.
- During the scene of the girl getting nails hammered into her skull, the soundtrack goes from music to playing a single noise throughout the duration of the scene. It became annoying after awhile.

Gore: 1.5/5
Nudity: 0/5
Story: 3/5
Effects: 2/5
Comedy: 2/5

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