Title: VigasioSexploitation Volume 2

Also known as:

Year: 2011

Genre: Independent / Experimental / Science Fiction / Action / Comedy

Language: None

Runtime: 51 min

Director: Sebastiano Montresor

Writer: Sebastiano Montresor, Alice Seghetti

IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1919183

Space researcher Dr. Moreau has his dreams come true when an alien from another dimension visits him. Not only because it proves his theories of aliens and alternate realities, but because the alien informs Dr. Moreau that he has been chosen to aide in the salvation of both the human race and the aliens. All that is needed is a woman who can breed with this alien in order to give birth to a new species that will save both worlds. Unfortunately for Dr. Moreau, the aliens are actually planning an invasion that will all start with this insemination. Those plans go up in smoke though as Dr. Moreau's assistant eventually goes insane from the alien semen and proceeds to go on a rampage.

Our thoughts:
Sebastiano Montresor strikes back with Volume 2 of "VigasioSexploitation"! Where "VigasioSexploitation Volume 1" was a more dark, quiet, cerebral noir-esque experimentation on conformity, "VigasioSexploitation Volume 2" is more like having someone screaming your face while you're in a mental state in which you can taste colors. What does that even mean? I don't know. I don't know anything anymore since Sebastiano has managed to fuck with my head even more with his second volume "VigasioSexploitation".

Dr. Moreau not only believes in aliens but he believes we share the same space that they do, just on an alternate plane of existence. Fate soon shines upon him while he struggles to find a way to find an opening that will allow the two species to travel between the two worlds. Next-Level, a TV-headed alien, crosses over and approaches Dr. Moreau, informing him that he's been chosen to help the aliens breed with human women which will be the key to saving both worlds. Dr. Moreau is delighted, of course, and offers up his assistant as the first woman to be impregnated. However the aliens plan on using this interspecies breeding as way to take over Earth. Neither plan seems to be working as Dr. Moreau's assistant goes insane from the alien semen and becomes so powerful that no one, alien or human, can stop her rampage.

Okay, perhaps that opening paragraph was over-the-top and hyperbolic but it's hard not to feel like being over-the-top after watching "VigasioSexploitation Volume 2". Yes, the first volume was over-the-top as well but it was delivered in a more subdued manner. More of a dreamlike presence where Sebastiano explored his ideals and his own unique vision of what a movie is. The second volume is loud, colorful and running on an intense energy that can only compare to that night where you ate a bunch of cheap speed that you bought from those two Scottish guys you met at the pub. Except you only did it because you were afraid they would have beaten you to death with pool cues if you would have said no.

Not that that has ever happened to me…

One of the questions that comes with "VigasioSexploitation Volume 2" is: How does it connect to the first? It's something that I thought about for some time after the movie was over. There are some general connections, such as the call back to the Soft Machine and the TV-headed character, Next-Level, who was seen briefly in the opening of the first volume. That's about where the obvious connections end though. The second volume seemed less interested in exploring the Agrestic Cinema manifesto and I think that's because Sebastiano said what he needed to say in regards to that with the first movie. There he explored the concept through that movie but now with the second film, it seems as though Sebastiano simply allowed the movie to get lost in its own insanity. Albeit in the right way.

Still following through with the idea of challenging conformity, "VigasioSexploitation Volume 2" lets the action do the talking and that's where the connection comes through. Volume 2 is essentially the opposite side of the same coin. The first movie used more methodical based genres to tell its story where the second one is using the loud and more intense genres. As they say, action speaks louder than words and that precisely what is occurring within this second volume. Sabastiano is still making a movie how he wants to in the name of Agrestic Cinema but the intellectualism was left with the first. Now it's all about unbridled intense imagery. From the uninhibited look at women and the female body -- from aliens wanting interspecies breeding -- to the most goddamn absurd action scenes ever used in a movie. I know I can't recall the last time I saw a movie where a topless woman ruthlessly massacred an entire invisible biker gang.

Of course, that is simply looking at the two volumes of "VigasioSexploitation" strictly from a thematic perspective, and one that might not even be necessarily right. Which is the great thing about what Sabastiano is doing with these movies: he's making them the way he wants to make them but the viewer can watch them how they want to. They don't simply rely on idealism, Volume 2 has an actual plot and characters to it, much like the first, and goes further down the sci-fi realm with dialogue laden with both philosophical and theoretical physics. Once again showing that these movies aren't senseless, but simply…bizarre. Which is essentially the whole the point: Why make a traditional movie when you can be more free and open to allow yourself to make something that's as fun to create as it is to watch?

I don't believe this review for "VigasioSexploitation Volume 2" is doing the movie justice because I am glossing over so much but it's kind of hard to pick and choose what I think I should or want to cover. Do I talk about the thematics of the movie? Or should I talk about the plot-line about a woman going insane after being impregnated by an alien and starts shooting bullets out of her breasts? What about the quantum theories interlaced with filmmaking philosophies and the celebration of a woman's bush? I'm sorry, I meant "hairy potato." There is plenty to discuss but once again the real value is that the movie never loses sight of being fun and entertaining. Not to mention, this time around the Sabastiano allowed the movie to just go fucking nuts.

By that, "VigasioSexploitation Volume 2" will be more entertaining for viewers but it is worth your time to watch both volumes and not just because you don't see such wild and out-there movies that often. But because you should always take the time to watch the work of people who are willing to make the kind of movies they want to make and in their own unique way. There is nothing as satisfying as that when it comes to cinema.

Positive things:
- Loud, colorful and action based.
- Volume 2 lets loose and goes all out!
- Oddly, the movie seems to lose its mind at the same time the Assistant character does.
- The massacre of the invisible biker gang has to rank up there was one of the most ridiculous things I've seen in a movie.

Negative things:
- Nothing, honestly. Even when the movie looks "cheap", like with the costume store alien mask or the CGI, it's still a lot of fun and doesn't matter.

Gore: 0/5
Nudity: 4/5
Story: 2.5/5
Effects: 2/5
Comedy: 3/5

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