Title: Villa Captive

Also known as:

Year: 2011

Genre: Thriller / Exploitation / Independent

Language: English / French

Runtime: 82 min

Director: Emmanuel Silvestre

Writer: Emmanuel Silvestre

IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1943035/

French porn actress Lucy Lust moves to America, but it's not to get bigger in the field, but actually to get out of the business for good. But when the friends of her new neighbor finds out he is living next to Lucy Lust, he gathers a few guys to invade her house and steal her wealth. The only problem is that she and her neighbor come home after a date of sorts while they are still in her house.

Our thoughts:
"Villa Captive" is very clearly based on films such as "I Spit on Your Grave" but without being a complete rip off. Instead of having a story of simply rape/revenge it's more of a home invasion film, that never really ventures too deep into the rape/revenge subgenre we all know and love. But films such as the one I mentioned and "Last House on the Left" and "Villa Captive" aren't miles apart either, though.

The story is about French porn actress Lucy Lust (played by real French porn actress Liza Del Sierra in her first non-porn film) and how she has moved to America to get out of the business. She's sick of the looks and how she is treated by people because of it, and it's just not worth being part of it anymore. She and her boyfriend have a fight over it and he leaves. But luckily her friendly neighbor is always around to take her to the store and whatnot. One day he has his friends over and they see her out in the garden, topless. Of course one of them recognizes her and quickly snaps a few photos of her large boobies. When he is told to cut it out, he gets upset, and this leads to them not being friends anymore. The friend, his boss and two brothers (one retarded - hello "I Spit on Your Grave") decide to sneak into her house when she's on a date of sorts with the neighbor to steal, but they come home from the date while they are still in there doing their thing.

This is basicly where the good story ends and the stereotypical home invasion/exploitation film begins. I figured this would be an exploitation film of sorts, but for some reason I really enjoyed the first part of the movie the most, where it built up the characters and the neighbor's relationship with the porn actress. Sure, a bit cheesy, but it worked well. And had a more pure exploitation story followed that first part I think it would've been a lot better. The rest of the movie isn't bad at all but it's nothing new or very exciting. A few fun moments where they drive her to the bank to withdraw all of her money, but she's not allowed because it's against policy, and she laughs in the face of the bad guy. It happens twice! It was pretty funny. But the movie isn't at all as focused on the sleaze as I think it should have been.

That said, I do think it's an alright movie. Most of the cast did a good job, especially Liza Del Sierra was highly entertaining to watch. I can't say I have seen any of her porn films (maybe that'll change now?) but I think she could act. Sure, her role was of a porn star so maybe it wasn't too far from reality, thus making it easier to act, but I could totally picture her in more films like this one. She was a strong character and not just another wimpy girl. That too me was one of the strongest part of the movie. The rest of the cast were good but never as good as her.

If you want to watch a really sleazy exploitation rape/revenge film then this is far from what you want. This is a home invasion film more like the recent "Kidnapped" (but less violent) rather than exploitation, but with some obvious influences from rape/revenge genre. It's a pretty safe movie in terms of violence and sex, it never crosses any boarders or does anything that will shock or offend, instead the focus remains on telling the story. And that's probably for the better for everyone involved, and maybe especially Liza Del Sierra to keep her away from making pornography in her "normal" movies too. Check this one out if you want an alright independent thriller, but beware that it's fairly clichéed and you've seen similar stuff many times before.

Positive things:
- Liza Del Sierra did a good job in the lead as Lucy Lust.
- Not too bad of a film even though the story got tiresome.
Negative things:
- Should've had a bit more sleazy stuff in it to really woo me.

Gore: 1.5/5
Nudity: 1.5/5
Story: 2/5
Effects: 2.5/5
Comedy: 1/5

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