Title: Weirdo A Go-Go

Also known as:
Wednesday 13's Weirdo A Go-Go

Year: 2007

Genre: Comedy / Serie

Language: English

Runtime: 34 min

Director: Wednesday 13

Writer: Wednesday 13


Wednesday 13 and Billy, his puppet sidekick, has to raise some quick bucks to get their friend out of jail, so they decide to open up a lemonade stand. Alot of strange characters come by and anything can and will happen. Through this adventure, we (the viewers) are shown a bunch of old movie trailers.

Our thoughts:
This is an odd little show, made by the musician Wednesday 13. He is known from my own favorite band, "Frankenstein Drag Queens From Planet 13", and his selftitled solo-project, to name a few. All of his bands have had alot of silly and fun lyrics, but we didn't know exactly how silly Wednesday 13 could be until now. "Weirdo A Go-Go" is a tribute to shows he grew up watching, like "Pee Wee's Playhouse", mixed with comic horror hosts like Elvira. "Weirdo" is alot more weird though, and if you show this to your kids, you'd go to prison.

The whole thing could've been done better than it was, but it wouldn't be as charming and funny if they fixed those holes. Wednesday 13 isn't an actor at all, and it makes the whole thing really fun to watch, especially for a fan of his music. Like stated under "Plot", they show us some trailers, like "Black Sunday", "House On Haunted Hill" and "The Mole People", and it's really cool to watch...the first time. I've seen this thing a couple of times now and I only watched the trailers the first time. Thank god for chapter skipping. The trailers are good, and they should be there, but they don't do me any good when I want a laugh. The puppets are straight out hilarious, and there are some quotes in this that will haunt you forever.

This thing is also very educational. For example, we find out what a whore is. We also find out that drinking beer is like sneaking into a house, getting caught and shot at with a shotgun that misses, which makes you feel like a winner. Trust me, you have alot to learn.

I think this is alot more fun to watch if you like his music, but it's still very fun to watch a guy fully dressed in black talking with puppets while selling lemonade. Check it out if you can.

I suggest that you track down the DVD and watch the extra material too, because the outtakes are just brilliant, and so is the short clip of Wednesday 13 introducing himself in different languages.

Positive things:
- Weird.
- Wednesday 13 knows comedy.
- Hilarious puppets.
- Educational.
- "So watcha want?!!" - "No!"
Negative things:
- The trailers. They're good for one watch.
- No second episode yet.

Gore: 0/5
Nudity: 0/5
Story: 2/5
Effects: 1/5
Comedy: 5/5

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