Title: The Weird World of Weird

Also known as:

Year: 2009

Genre: Horror / Gore / Exploitation / TV / Documentary

Language: English

Runtime: 115 min

Director: N/A

Writer: N/A


A new collection of rarities and lost obscurities from Something Weird Video, one of which is a forgotten TV-pilot for a sitcom called "Rosie" that involves a grown man in a dog costume going home with a young boy. Then a TV special from the 70's called "The Weird World of Weird" where host Ralph Story takes us on a guide through the world of the occult. Next is "Follow That Skirt", a short film from 1964 that follows a gender confused man as he strangles and slashes the women he hates. The compilation wraps up with some recently uncovered footage of "The Smut Peddler", a lost nudie-cutie from '65 that involves a pervy publisher and a bevy of nude models.

Our thoughts:
To celebrate bringing people 20 years of forgotten sleaze, peeps, creeps and other assorted madness, Something Weird Video put together a special DVD for their 20th Anniversary. "The Weird World of Weird" is a collection of some rare never-before released, and probably rarely seen oddities from the world of television and film.

The first segment is a failed black and white TV pilot for a show called "Rosie". The show is about a talking dog named Rosie who returns home with a boy who was thinking of running away to join the circus. The family is of course the atypical 50's "Leave It to Beaver" type family, (no surprise as to why the kid wanted to join the circus) and of course they want the dog gone, but the dog gets to stay after he stops a burglar. Doesn't sound strange I'm sure, even though the family is damn creepy. What makes this TV-pilot fall under the bizarre category is the fact that Rosie the dog is played by a full grown adult male in a really terrible dog costume. No, I'm not kidding. Occasionally crawling around on all four's and standing up like a normal person too. The dog dispense philosophical words of wisdom about life, growing up on the streets, being a good person, and other stomach-turning-eye-rolling moral lessons. The setup is damn strange and bizarre; it's hard not to laugh at not only the show but the fact that someone actually made it and thought it was a good idea. Though I think the reason it never took off was that it became to damn creepy with having scenes of a little boy stroking and petting a man in a dog suit.

Next is a made-for-tv mini-documentary from which the DVD gets its name from, "The Weird World of Weird". This special is hosted by Ralph Story where we take a look at the world of the occult: psychics, palm-reading, tarot-reading, Satanists, black-mass, and other odd characters. While a collection of guest stars provide random bits of commentary, one of these guests includes the infamous Criswell. Who gives his famous predictions such as, "I predict the end of the world will take place on August 18th, 1999." ...I wonder if that came true? Anywho, the program takes a look at these various aspects of the occult and the people who not only occupy them but are considered to be experts in their fields. While Ralph Story or the program never comes out and says it directly, the show clearly mocks these people and their so called abilities with some dry but witty writing, tongue-in-cheek delivery, and clever editing. And we can't forget the wonderful insights given from interviews with people on the streets. While people may find the "new-age" movement silly and ridiculous, this special was made in 1970 and shows that there is nothing new about new-age, and quite hilariously shows how ridiculous people were back then. Sad thing is though, nothing seems to have changed.

With humor aside, next up is "Follow That Skirt", a rather twisted serial killer short film (26 minutes) from 1964 that managed to only play in one theatre in San Francisco. (According to Dave Friedman) The film follows a man who hates women. Why does he hate women? Because he wants to be one, that's why. There is no spoken dialogue in the film, which isn't needed because we just watch as the man follows one girl after the next. As they undress and take things easy, until the madman pounces, stabs, and strangles the women. After killing one of his victims, he makes his way to her closet and dresses in full drag and is ready to hit the town as a new woman, that is until the police show up. There isn't much to the movie but it's actually quite well done given the time it was made and doesn't shy on the nudity or the blood.

The oddball collection finally wraps up with the recently found, last 20 minutes of the 1965 film "The Smut Peddler". A lost film that has been sought after when the trailer seemed to be the only remaining evidence of the film's existence. Like with all of the other previously lost trash, Something Weird has managed to find some remains of the film and it's some pretty damn good sleaze too. Gathering from what's there, we the audience peep on a perverted old man (who looks like a pig) who not only enjoys his filth but seems to be quite the collector as well. Going through his flip book of nudie-pictures, we're transported to a place where all the pictures were taken, which involves a creepy publisher with a secretary that gets fondled by every man and woman who walks through the doors. Then it's off to the photography studio where we are treated to one scene after another of women exposing their bodies for the camera. Not much to be found in terms of content but as far as nudie-cuties go; what parts of "The Smut Peddler" have managed to be recovered is a real treat. Nothing hardcore or depraved, but rather a showcase of some lovely ladies and their assets.

While it may not be the greatest compilation out there, Something Weird Video manages to do what they do best. Bring us lost or forgotten oddball and bizarre cinematic treasures that help to remind us that for as long as film has been around, there has always been weird and strange things being produced.

Positive things:
- Plenty of skin.
- The first two segments are pretty funny.
- Great to see another early "gore" film.
- "The Weird World of Weird" is hilarious, but what's great about it is that it shows what people have called the "new-age" movement since the late 90's, has actually been going on since the 70's, and nothing has changed. Not the people or the nonsense they push.
Negative things:
- Nothing really. It is what it is.

Gore: 1/5
Nudity: 3.5/5
Story: 2/5
Effects: 2/5
Comedy: 3/5

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