Title: When Your Flesh Screams

Also known as:

Year: 2015

Genre: Exploitation

Language: Spanish

Runtime: 95 min

Director: Guillermo Martínez

Writer: Guillermo Martínez

IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt4276658/

Martina, a biology student, lives on the outskirts of town so she can study the local plant life. A neighbor of hers is aware that she has no friends or family near, so when he and a buddy of his see Martina sitting on the side of the road, they decide to abduct her. When they get her back to the home of one of their deranged friends, the three men plan to commit unspeakable acts against Martina.

Our thoughts:
“Cuando tu Carne Grite Basta” or “When Your Flesh Screams” for the Spanish-impaired, like myself, is an attempt to create the Argentinian equivalent of “Last House on the Left” and “I Spit On Your Grave” — a nasty little rape-revenge exploitation flick. There have been a few countries in recent memory who are not known for producing exploitive movies and with their attempt ends with less than stellar results. That was not the case with “When Your Flesh Screams”.

Usually with our format we give a secondary plot synopsis in order to go into a little more detail of what a movie is actually about, but I don’t feel that’s necessary here with “When Your Flesh Screams”. It is a straightforward rape-revenge movie; Martina is abducted, taken to a home where three psychopaths humiliate, degrade, rape, and torture, they leave her for dead, and then Martina extracts revenge.

I’m not trying to be dismissive of the movie’s plot because that aspect is done very well — I was able to sympathize with Martina, I hated the men and would eventually applaud their demise. The execution of the story and characters not only gives the film some weight to the material, it also helps keep “When Your Flesh Screams” from being mindless trash. It’s not simply pushing scenes of rape and torture. With that said, “When Your Flesh Screams” is exploitation in the truest sense of the word.

The movie is cruel and vile towards Martina and shows no restraint. The scenes are long and drawn out in order to make the viewer as uncomfortable as it possibly can, which is what I respected about the movie overall. The obvious low-budget and independent nature of the production helps with the look of “When Your Flesh Screams” but in how the material is handled is what makes it succeed as a nasty exploitation title. There’s no shifts or break in tone. It’s not a polished product nor does it feature any over-the-top sequences of torture/revenge — it’s just the destruction of this woman and how she fights back.

If Guillermo Martínez wanted to make a movie that was the equivalent of “I Spit On Your Grave” or “Last House on the Left”, then I think he succeeded. Having said that, I wouldn’t necessarily put it at the same level as those films, even with “Last House on the Left” being as flawed as it is. “When Your Flesh Screams” succeeds because of how handled the material and doesn’t glorify the exploitive bits — it makes the scenes reprehensible and unpleasant, the way they should be. Being a first feature, “When Your Flesh Screams” has its rough spots which is what holds it back from being something truly noteworthy but, overall, it’s worthwhile addition in exploitation cinema.

Note: I feel like I should mention that IMDB lists Guillermo Martínez as being the famous Argentinian crime-novelist. Unfortunately I couldn’t find any trustworthy sources to validate this claim (there’s no mention of the movie on the author’s website). It’s not something important or anything that affects the film, but like I said, it is something that I thought was worth mentioning.

Positive things:
- A well made movie that’s worthwhile addition to the rape-revenge genre.
- It feels like an actual movie — not just a collection of shock-scenes.
- Having the scenes be drawn out to add to the unpleasantness of the content.

Negative things:
- It needed to be trimmed down. There’s not enough material to support the 95 minute runtime, so there are a few dead spots throughout the movie where nothing of importance happens.
- I had a hard time taking the eyepatch seriously.

Gore: 1.5/5
Nudity: 1.5/5
Story: 2.5/5
Effects: 1/5
Comedy: 0/5

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