(Posted: 22 July 2010)

The following is a mail received by filmmaker "Mudd" Miller:


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Project: The Wasteland Horror
Director: Travis "Mudd" Miller
Producer: Will Clevinger
Company: Mudd Miller Productions

We are please to announce that the ball is now rolling on Mudd Miller's (Bloodstained Romance, Bad Girls Burn in HELL!) upcoming new project The Wasteland Horror! The film will be produced by William Clevinger (Automaton Transfusion, Days of Darkness, and Penance). Also, joining is actor Garrett Jones (Automaton Transfusion) who will take the leading role as Jason in the film.

A younge college student, Jason, brings a Pandora like box to a collector in a small mid-western town. Unknowing the power of the box or the collectors intentions, Jason hands over the item. When the box is opened HELL is unleashed upon the town. Slowly the towns people are taken over by the evil, which drives them to a state of homicidal/suicidal beings. The evil harnesses itself into Berkley, a bad detective that likes to take the law into his own hands. Berkley leads the "taken" into a hunt for the others that are untouched by the box. Jason and the others have to strive to put the evil back where it belongs before they fall victim and are sacrificed to the box.

Production on this project starts late August.

Production on this project starts late August.

Spread the Red,
Mudd Miller

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